We started trading the USDBOT a few days/week before the robot hit the market.  We had some quick success with the robot right away but then by the time the robot hit the market it had bounced around the -10% to +10% range.

Our goal with is to find the best forex robots. We trade via LIVE accounts different forex robots and once the robot has lost 25% overall we shut down the robot.  Doesn't mean the robot can't work it just didn't work for us.

We shut down the USDBOT robot on Feb 19th.  So we ran the robot for about a month.  The most it was up at any time was 14%.  And we closed down the robots trading for us with a loss of 34%.

Its well within the refund time.  So if you did make the purchase of the USDBOT and aren't happy with it.  Request a refund from clickbank by sending an email to with your clickbank receipt #.

Another one bites the dust.

Check our site for robots that have been performing well for us.