Forex Godfather WHAT WENT WRONG?

We started trading Forex Godfather a couple of months after it came on the market.  This Robot doesn't trade a lot but when it did was suppose to have some good results.  Well we started on the 11th of Jan 2010.

We only had a total of 7 trades from the start to the end of our testing.  But 4 of the trades were big losers and none of the winners were as big as even 1 losing trade.

We finished the account DOWN 35%. We closed trading on Feb 26th for about a 6 week test.   Once an account is down more than 25% we remove it from our live testing .


Its well within the refund time.  So if you did make the purchase of the Forex Godfather and aren't happy with it.  Request a refund from clickbank by sending an email to with your clickbank receipt #.

Another one bites the dust.

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